Love Unknown

Single Series (Vol. 2)




An Oregon transplant by way of Central Pennsylvania, Rich Swanger learned harmony and twang via the church pew and his father’s country band. In his early 20's, New Country gave way to Grunge, Alt-Country, and Indie on the way back to an Americana sound drawing from all of the above and then some. Rich adopted the Seahorse moniker in 2004 as a nod to a distinctive, patient and persistent seafarer – a symbol of safe passage and tranquility amongst the unpredictable waters.

Rich creates songs that are contemplative and resonant. His strong voice and pen shepherd voyageurs in search of strength, peace, redemption, and hope. Seahorse released its latest full-length album, The Fire’s Heart, in the spring of 2015. 

How easy it is to get transfixed by the fire and by the thing fueling the fire. The songs on The Fire’s Heart feature a cast of characters carrying fires within them – jealousy, doubt, love, revenge, obsession, compassion, guilt. These fires sustain while also threatening to consume. These fires are their humanity…and ours as well.


Vocals, Guitar / Rich Swanger
Keyboard, Guitar, Vocals / Brian Mosher
Electric Guitar / Billy Johnson



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Pasadena Weekly Review

SEAHORSE, The Fire’s Heart (Ravens Flight)3 Stars

Conflicted characters and poetic images distinguish this tuneful collection from Seahorse, aka Willamette Valley-based guitarist/songwriter Rich Swanger and whatever players he rings around his sweetly soothing melodies. Songs like “This Little Light” and “Mansion” nod in the direction of folk/Americana forebears like Hank Williams and Bruce Springsteen, minus the former’s twang and the latter’s gravitas. Highlights: “Nightingale,” “Tyndall Rose,” “Anchor” (“I don’t know where I’m going/ I don’t know where you’ve been/ All I know is the boat keeps drifting/ And the fog comes crawling through the bay”). Bliss Bowen - Pasadena Weekly


Love Unknown

by Seahorse
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The Fire's Heart

by Seahorse

War After War

by Seahorse